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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  October 13, 2009 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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4:00 this afternoon. pat collins joins with us more. >> reporter: the office of the medical examiner is here at clay terrace to pick up the body of the young man who was murdered here this afternoon. five people shot, all said to be teenagers. one is said to be in grave position. three are expected to make it. it happened around 4:00. police believe it might be a dispute between two gangs. a number of weapons were used. a barrage of gun fifrl shots going every which way. garnett dobson riley you was here when it happened. >> i was walking through you the courtyard when they decided to started shooting. >> i've never seen anything like it in my life. and the other young man, asking me to help him. what can i do?
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>> reporter: take a look over there. you can see a small portion of all the cops that are here on the scene, working this case. the mayor is here. the police chief is here. the head of homicide is here. tonight, a plea from police chief kathy laneer is here. >> i guarantee there are witnesses. 4:00 in the afternoon, a couple hundred people out here. and it is somebody's child today. somebody else's child tomorrow unlesshey come forward. >> reporter: again, five people shot here on clay terrace in northeast. one is dead. four wounded. police have this. they are looking for a black chevy tahoe that might be involved in this drive-by. they're looking forewitnesses to help them solve this case. but so far, not many clues as to who the exact shooters are. back you to you. >> pat collins in northeast
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washington. back to our other big story. president obama's effort in health care coverage got a major boost. the senate finance committee approved the health care bill. the scene is now set for what will be the fight on the senate floor. >> reporter: that debate starts the week after next. this bill pass in the committee here today is seen by many democrats on the hill by president obama at the white house as a guideline. kind of a framework for the kind of bill that could pass the senate. maybe even the house. not by much. any republican voting yes is a big deal. as the senate finance committee got set to vote on the health care reform bill, olympia snowe of maine is in the hot seat. the only public that might vote yes. would she. >> it has that driven up premiums. having the potential to send the entirety of our health care
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system into a death spiral. >> reporter: she announced her vote. yes. >> when history calls, history calls. >> reporter: the committee vote you was 14-9. >> i want to particularly thank senator snowe. >> reporter: with one republican on his side, president obama looked ahead. >> we are closer than ever before to passing health care reform but we're not there yet. >> reporter: in the bill, every american must buy insurance. employers do not to have insure workers. nothing radical. >> there is no coverage for those here illegally. there are none of the rumored death panels. >> reporter: but you there is no public option. no guarantee of universal coverage. liberals are upset. >> leading 16 million men, women and children uninsured is wrong. >> reporter: you but conservatives are upset at the cost. >> spending more and taxing more without covering more people.
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>> reporte >> these will cost increases by 2010. >> reporter: next, compromises. five bills to be boiled down to one. the big fight still ahead, in all the other issues, democratic leaders hope over limpb i can't snowe voteding yes today laf ripple effect. pulling in, they hope, a few more republicans and this is key, pulling in democrats. >> thank you. laws regarding immigration enforce. could soon be changing. that county has been the scene of heated debated since a resolution you was passed in 2007. you it was to direct police officers to check the status of anyone they arrest, and suspect is an iegal immigrant. ja >> the change is because of a federal directive that prince william county leaders had to adopt. it prioritizes what kind of
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crime an illegal immigrant has to commit to be kicked out of the country. >> reporter: it was ground zero in the crackdown against illegal immigration. now two years later, prince william county leaders say the anti-immigration policy is being threatened. >> all of our efforts have been focused on illegal ail quleenz commit crimes. you now they step in and direct to us release those very same people back to the neighborhoods, i think is a real shame. >> reporter: under a you new federal directive for i.c.e., only undocumented workers arrested for the worst crimes will face deportation. until now, all illegal immigrants under illegal arrest for any crime could be kicked out of the country. >> i break the you law, i'm held accountable. under this policy, illegal aliens no right to be here are set free. >> reporter: but prince william county's top cop says not every
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arrested illegal immigrant you was deported in the past by i.c.e. he has no plans to change his policing style. >> we have a very aggressive policy in prince william, regarding any individual that we physically arrest for violation of stated or local you law. we check their immigration status. and we inform i.c.e. about them or turn them over to the jail where they are detained. >> reporter: activists stay policy needs to be changed. since the crackdown began two years ago, they believe many immigrants have been afraid to cooperate with police for fear they'll be deported. >> if they commit terrible, violent crimes, nobody is advocating for them to remain here. people should be punished for those crimes and if they are deported, they are deported no. one is saying they should remain. if they have just made minor mistakes, why not let them back
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in the community like everybody else? >> reporter: he said he has sent a letter to the feds asking for specific figures asking how many have been kicked out of the country. so far, he said he has received no answers. he is hoping this new directive will change that. reporting live in prince william county. back to you. >> you thank you. >> nice and sunny today. bits to get a lot could be as degrees colder than what it is right now. and i'll show you you where there is snow. our temperature outside is still around 70 degrees. what a change from early this morning. 46 in martinsburg. 43 in manassas. the temperature has gone up 20 degrees, almost 30 degrees. that makes it a nice day. big changes coming up. we have a cool to chilly evening. things begin to change tomorrow.
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increasing clouds and then some cold rain late this week. i'm afraid the temperatures, the afternoon high temperature will not get above 50 degrees. we need the rain. i'm not sure we need the cold rain. >> doesn't sound too inviting. you thank you. there were complaints the district's health department isn't doing enough to frequent privacy of the people caught up in the city's fight against sexually transmitted diseases. investigators are asking too much unrelated questions and they aren't doing enough to protect identities. public health officials are disputeding it. >> reporter: this is obvious lay very sensitivish you you've. the city wants people to get tested. not scare them away. sexually transmitted diseases, stds are a syrup juerious probl. some are claiming that health investigators are not protecting confidentiality enough as they
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seek out those who are infected. >> the first notice i received you was posted on the outside of my mailbox with my name hand printed, i know what the word urge end. so it wasn't even inside my mailbox. >> reporter: tom, which is not his real name, said he never gave permission to be subjected to these questions. another patient said the same thing. >> i don't do drugs. she's treateding me likeid i. >> did she ask your permission? >> no. she said she had to. >> they've takenuch more aggressive stance. patients have been bringing this to our attention. >> reporter: as he physician's assistant who helps treated the patients. he said others won't get tested for stds if more isn't done to prott prifrcy. >> of course, that's my biggest concern. the more patients have this experience and are upset, the more they'll be very reluctant.
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i've had patients who tell me they do not want to be std screened anymore. >> reporter: the doctor who runs the offices said her investigators are trained to be sensitive and confidential but you work aggressively to stem additional infections. >> you try to make sure anyone they've contact with has the opportunity to get tested. >> reporter: they said they know beam stds are especially sensitive. >> it can be a scarey and anger sighted pro voek time. all of our investigators are well trained and i think pretty good but we want to hear any time people have a bad experience. >> reporter: again, public health workers are supposed to ask for your permission before asking any questions. back you to you. >> it is a sensitivish you you've. thank you. . the supreme court has agreed to their case from jeffrey skilling. lower courts upheld all of his
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19 convictions connected to the collapse of enron. he was sentenced to 24 years in prison. he is asking the court to consider wlar federal fraud statute applied. the so-called honest service statute is used by federal prosecutors in white collar crime and corruption cases, but it has been criticized as vague and unfair. coming up you, a member of the u.s. soccer team injured on the gw parkway this morning. and an arrest in a nearly 20-year-old case where an 8-year-old girl you was attacked. the fbi is scanning some driver's licenses using facial recognition technology. members of the committee that gave president obama the nobel peace prize are defending their choice. coming up in sports, the capitals are trying to snap out of it. jim zornl discusses the biggest challenge so far.
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tj maxx. let us make a maxxinista out of you! police in texas say they've soofld nearly 40-year-old cold case involving the brutal attack of an 8-year-old girl. new technology helped them link a key piece of evidence to the
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suspect. >> reporter: it was break they needed. the technology helped match the suspect to the 19-year-old case, and brooltd crime against then 8-year-old jennifer. police arrested bradford. >> he is charged with attempted kaptd murder in this case. >> reporter: she is you now 27 years old. the arrest brings an end to a long wait for justice. >> this is it in my life. 19 years, you it was you a tragic one. but today, 19 years later, i stand here and want you all to know that i'm okay. i am not a victim but instead, victorious. >> reporter: in 1990, police stay suspect lived near her and broke into the family's apartment and abducted her. he drove to a remote field where he sexually assaulted her and cut her throat with a knife. >> he slit my throat from ear to
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ear and left me there to die. >> reporter: but she survived and regained her voice. she has worked with investigators over the years, and now shares her story with other victims. >> i think that's the reason why i got my voice back. i'm using it to help others. >> reporter: you now as the case moves forward, she has one more goal. >> i look forward to it. >> reporter: to face her attacker in e court room. michelle franzen, news4. >> they also compared bradford's 1990 driver's license picture with the sketch drawn from her description and noted a similarity. he is currently being hold a 1 million bond. if you have a driver's license, you could soon be in a police lineup without ever knowing it. they have started comparing driver's license photos with pictures of convicts. they're using facial recognition technology to come up with you matches. the project has helped nab at least one fugitive. agents are eager to take the
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so-called virtual lineups nationwide but many are upset. they stay, they stay program allows them to track people that have done nothing wrong. and the committee chairman said most of the criticism is coming from the president's political rivals and from the media. he add that had it was will alfred nobel's desire that it go to the person who most contributed to peace. the chairman pointed to president obama's efforts to heal the division between west and the muslim world. those changes in the missile shield program have improved the rich between washington and moss you could you. today they said the friendship is reaching you new heights. however, it is not yet clear how high those heights are. earlier in the day, clinton met with russia's foreign minister.
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he answered the threats would be counteder productive because political and diplomatic efforts had not been exhausted. later, clinton met with president dmitry medvedev. >> we can deepen our bilateral relationship, work to benefit both of our people, as well as the leadership that we can dmenl straight for the rest of the world. they said they were not ready to talk about specific step they would be toward take. the pentagon is speeding up delivery of a colossal bomb designed to destroy hidden weapons bunkers like those used by iran and nae for the nuclear perhaps. the 15-ton bomb is called the massive ordinance penetrator. it would be the largest nonnuclear bomb in the u.s.
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arsenal, carrying about 5,300 pounds. officials stay bomb could be ready to go as soon as next summer. pentagon officials deny that there is a specific target in mind. coming up you this evening, a dog, man's best friend, being credited with saving a family from a house fire in maryland. marion barry spoke about his hospitalization.
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virginia seeing some great big pumpkins this year. agriculture authorities say this year's harvest is looking specially in. it is estimated about 67.5 million pounds of pumpkins will be sold in virginia this year, bringing in about $10 million. while the preferred pumpkin schois orange, white ones are also popular. >> maybe it will be scary we are the faces. >> skeleton like? >> if you you wear one, it would be really scary. >> walk around with a pumpkin on your head. >> only you would think about that. >> these things are in there and you have to get them out. >> wait until we get to the end of the week. get the youngsters out and have
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them exercise. the days that we have like today are not into the future. certainly not into the weekend early next week. our temperature today made it up into the 70s. that will be the last time for a while. 73 degrees. right now, our october, a little above average. rainfall, way above average. 66 degrees. a bit of a northwesterly wind. that will be kicking into the northeast. look at the temperatures around the country. this is the time of year, the changing of the seasons. we get these great contrasts. new orleans, 79. miami, 87. you have friends in tampa? 91 degrees. tied record. 93, tied the record. at the same time yesterday, you it was in the 30s in rochester, minnesota yesterday. only a high temperature of 35 degrees. right you now, it is dry to the north. still very humid to the south. and that has been the track of the storms. that is the reason we've been
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dry. the jet stream pattern for the last few weeks has been like. that even this latest storm will be moving a little to our south. things will really be changing dramatically through the weekend. we'll see the jet stream diving to the south. sticking around with a lot of leftover moisture. right now, the latest, a little area of moisture you can see coming in from the south. that has been another stream of moisture moving from mississippi, alabama into louisiana. day after day. they've been getting more rain. there yesterday, athens, georgia. over three inches of rain. nothing around us on doppler. look to the south and southwest. again, these green areas, those are all areas under flash flood watches or flood warnin. specially again around the georgia area into northern mississippi and alabama. there is the rain. it sfwinz northern louisiana on
6:25 pm
the north side of things. there has been some sprinkles and snow flurries. that's where we are in washington. once again, with that pattern change, things will change. look at texarkana. some spots, 12 to 14 inches. rain. gaithersburg, you folks, only a few will hundredths of an inch of rain. look at what was going to this morning. this is some snow around marquette, misch. they're used to it. that will be disappearing. overnight, here's what will be going on. high clouds are coming in. a little area high pressure. that is the reason we have the winds. then winds tomorrow will be more from the northeast. it will be cooler. then here comes that first area low pressure. it will track to the south.
6:26 pm
then eventually, as that pattern shift takes over, another area of storminess. that sits over us on thursday and friday and brings in a lot of chilly air. the temperatures will be into the 50s. i think more into the high 40s as we get into thursday. enjoy this evening. it is pleasant, dry. temperatures in the low to mid 60s. then tomorrow we'll see morning sunshine and a mixture of clouds and sunshine a. b bit cool and chilly. then clouds come in thursday will be the day. tomorrow night and trsday will be the day when the winds come in. it will stay in the high 40s to only around 40 degrees for the morning lows. even lingering showers perhaps on sunday. even then, cool sunshine. like that 70 degrees?
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coming up, a member of the united states national soccer team was injured in a car accident on the george washington parkway. we'll tell you how a dog saved a maryland family from a house fire this morning. sheila jackson was back on the campan trail today. and we'll tell you but an elementary school student who faced his 45 days in reform school.
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a deadly drive-by shooting that left at least one of person dead. >> pat collins joining us live from the scene. >> reporter: at clay terrace, in that courtyard across the way, a major broad daylight gun fight. those little yellow evidence will pins on the ground indicate some of the shell casings will recovered by police.
6:31 pm
one teenager is daefd o er ir i. four in grave condition. police say there were a number of weapons used. they believe you it was a dispute between two gangs. there was a barrage of gun fire. shots going every which way. on the scene today, mayor adrian fuente. >> we had five people shot. one of the few times in the past couple years where five people have been shot. as of this point, one person is dead. that person's name has not been released. it will not be released until the detectives and medical examiner can do their investigation. we have four people in the hospital. >> reporter: back live you now, there are dozens of police working this case. woing this scene. looking for witnesses, looking for evidence. also on the scene this
6:32 pm
afternoon, police chief kathy laneer. they said when this hatched, it was a bufeautiful day. she wants to hear from those witnesses. she wants to stop this kind of violence. back to you. >> someone had to see something. health officials say a patient in washington county has died from swine flooxt whag television tells us the person has died in hagerstown. that patient becomes the 10th swine flu death. there were some serious underlying health conditions. they say swine flu is on the rise across maryland. the centers for disease control said swine flu has reached epidemic levels. five more children have died from h1n1. meantime, the injectedable version of the vaccine is
6:33 pm
finally being sent out. will. >> reporter: at a denver hospital, a concerned mom worries her daughter might have h1n1. outside st. louis, the jefferson county school district haseen completely shut down. after almost a quarter of students called in sick. >> once you dismiss the students, you do it about five to seven days. give the kids time to heal, give the staff time to heal. >> reporter: cdc officials report five more pediatric detds. even in the week where the injectable vaccine is finally being sent out, worries over swine flu are spreading almost as quickly as the virus. officials say h1n1 has now reached epidemic levels in the u.s. and today reported more than 45% of adults hospitalized with the virus have no underlying condition. >> i think it is sobering that
6:34 pm
some totally healthy people suffer this very rapid deterioration from the h1n1. this is not the usual presentation. as the strain spreads around the country, the numbers of people suffering from that have been increasing. >> you're doog great joing a gr. >> reporter: the first shot doses should be arriving now and could be widely distributed by the end of the month. but anyone with severe symptoms is being encouraged to see doctor right away. nbc news. authorities say there are shortages of the seasonal flu vaccine in some areas, you but most of the cases they're seeing you now are swine flu. they say the should be plenty of time get the regular seasonal flu shot when more of it becomes available. marion barry has been released from the hospital again. the 73-year-old went home today. he was first released from howard university hospital
6:35 pm
yesterday after being treated for dehydration and infection. last night at dinner, his tongue and throat began to swell so he went back to the hospital. he was discharged today. he had a kidney transplant back in february. >> i feel great. i've had a whole bunch of health challenges. in fact, i should be a living miracle. >> tdoctors say infection is common. they said he was placed in the intensive care unit as a precaution. just three more weeks before republicans go to the polls. there was a women's rally in northern virginia to demonstrate support. but the headline brought controversy. >> reporter: she is someone a candidate wants on their side. while her mocking stutter
6:36 pm
brought the mcdonald campaign some unwelcome attention, the gop front-runner said he is thrilled to have her support. republican bob mcdonald show casing women by having the most prominent female backer. sheila johnson. the co-founder crossed partied lines. she said the plans for job creation and the economy won her over. >> did i my homework. i studied the candidates along with my senior staff and w all came to the conclusion that box mcdonald is not only the best candidate for governor but you the smartest. >> reporter: it was johnson's assessment of kratddemocratic opponent that brought unwanted attention. this shows her mocking his stuttering. some disabled virginiaians
6:37 pm
called i told offensive and she gave written apology. today she refused to answer reporters' questions. the head of the political action committee says mcdonald himself owes virginians an apology. >> i think what is troubling is the trivialization of people's disabilities. that will he doesn't understand. i think he truly doesn't understand that people's feelings are extremely hurt. >> reporter: the campaign has also called on him to repudiate the comments. >> i know she is a marvelous and magazine anonymous woman. she meant no harm. she is talking about the jobs and transportation. >> reporter: at last night's debate, he himself acknowledged his speeching style doesn't match his opponent's. >> i'm not the most eloquent
6:38 pm
speaker. but like harry tran, i tell the truth and i work hard to get things done. >> reporter: they said it doesn't match their impression. >> you if you look at the mistakes he has made, about theish you you've of taxes, you know, this is a minor glitch. and if she apologized, it is fine. >> he will be back in virginia for a yale with latino voters. back you to you. >> thank you. will. a professional soccer player you was in the suv involved in a deadly crash this morning on the gw park wampl around 38:00 this morning, an suv hit the metal railing tt goes across the memorial bridge. 22-year-old ashley roberta of phoenix, maryland, died. charlie davies you was taken to the hospital for surgery. he is a member of the men's national soccer team. the impact of the crash was so severe, the suv actually split
6:39 pm
in two. both southbound lanes were shut down for hours. investigators are trying to figure out what cause that had crash. davies was you in town for a world cup qualifying game tomorrow night. a house was nearly destroyed after an early morning fire but a petted has been credited with saving the people inside. it started at 6:00 in the monk. the homeowner said her 6-year-old doberman named monster started barking woke them up before the smoke alarms did. they lost almost everything in the house but aguilar and her nine children wereble to escape safely. shifts thinking about giving him up because caring for him was too spernsive but you now aguilar said there is no way they will get rid of him. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. >> named the dog monster. >> the name doesn't fit.
6:40 pm
we'll hear from that 72-year-old whom will now admits perhaps she made bad choices. and we'll tell you but an elementary school student.
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good evening. here's something you don't see -- we sometimes see this. this is from larry from palm desert, california. clouds high above the desert area out west today. those are those clouds that form down stream from high mountains. overnight, we'll just sigh some low clouds coming in. with temperatures in the 40s. we're still in the 60s. you can see some of those clouds moving in on us. overnight tonight, it will be qulil wlefrl you' chillier. temperatures will be in the low 40s, some spots in the low 50s. get ready for some cold rain coming in. probably the first rain drops tomorrow night. then into thursday and friday. on and off. because of a cold low-pressure area right near us, temperatures will be in the high 40s and even
6:44 pm
some lingering sprinkles with some chilly air. we need the rain. it could be 47-degree rain. i'll tell you more at 11:00. >> the brand new uss new york is heading home tonight. it left louisiana this morning. you it was constructed using 7.5 tons of steel from the former world trade center towers. it will serve as a 9/11 tribute ship, along with two other ships under construction. a delaware first grader faces 45 days in reform school. because he wanted to eat his lunch at school using his favorite camping utensil. he was suspend after bringing the combination folding knife, fork and spoon to school. school officials say they had to acted no matter zachary's age. you but zachary said he thinks
6:45 pm
the punishment is unfair. >> i definitely agree with them that they shouldn't bring dangerous weapons to school. but i shouldn't, i don't think that the punishment should be this bad. >> first grade. hundreds are expected at a school board meeting tonight to object to the suspension. zachary is being home schooled for you now. a grandmother admits she made some bad choices before getting teased by a texas police officer. >> i'm getting back in my car. >> get on the ground! put your hands behind your back. put your hands behind your back. you'll be tased again. >> she is 72 years old in may.
6:46 pm
a deputy constable will. she got in his face and dared him to tase her and he did. this morning she appeared on the "today" show. >> definitely. i just lost my temper. i do that maybe twice a year. that day i lost it. i think if i had to do it over, i would just not say anything. not react. >> she only does it twice a year. she was not seriously hurt. she reached a $40,000 settlement. despite an internal investigation that found the constable did nothing wrong. meanwhile, there is a resisting arrest charge that is still pending against her. >> so this story is not over yet. >> not at all. >> at least she keeps her cool the rest of the year. >> she looked pretty calm on the "today" show. >> she cleaned up a little for that. >> wave fantastic sportscast. the question is why jason
6:47 pm
campbell should have amnesia. and will gearing up for one basketball season they hope is
6:48 pm
6:49 pm
they are playing in michigan, playing the pistons. his wallet will be a little lighter. in the nba, there is no excuse for a player not following league rules. today gilbert arenas you was fined $25,000 for not making himself available to the media. e
6:50 pm
he said he wants to cut out all the nicknames. his decision to stay mum, it cost not only him but you the team for not following media rules. last september, arenas and the team were both fined $15,000 for the same thing. here's what he said at media day three weeks ago. >> i'm not the entertainer anymore, if that's what you're asking. i wouldn't be here if there wasn't a big fine coming up after. i don't feel like speaking anymore. >> so we won't see agent zero or hibachi or anything. >> not from me. if i'm not going to get fined, i don't think you'll hear me again. >> i don't have a blog, i don't have a tweeter. >> i don't have a tweeter. but you the wizards play the pistons and it is interesting to see what he says about speaking up any time soon. >> his being quiet.
6:51 pm
moving on to monday night football, i don't know you if you watched the game last flight between dolphins and the jets. i was in miami. the place was a disaster. this was an example of why having a different management shift can really do something. they brought in bill partsels, they had a running back doing tai chi and other things. and they put this gettogether. they had ten seconds left on the clock. the dolphins had one last chance to rip it from their grasp. the dolphins made the most of it. edwards had just been traded to the jets, looking to make an impact and he would. miamilized 17-13 in the second half. throws it left. look at that. braylon edwards making himself useful. a fantastic grab.
6:52 pm
together gets both feet in. thomas jones would add a one-yard. next possession, the dolphins respond. first and ten from the 47. the quarterback looking deep. will will right to him. behind two new york jets for the 53-yard touchdown. miami gets the lead. ryan, not happy. jason taylor having a hard time watching. ten seconds to go. the wild cat, he fakes to ricky williams and keeps it going. miami goes on to win 31-27 over the jets. tony sparano, talk about a very excited head coach. it's week six and already the one thing that the redskins wanted so badly to avoid has already happened. the injury bug has straight up slammed into the redskins' offensive line. first, randy thomas out with a triceps injury and now the left tackle chris samuels out at
6:53 pm
least one week. mike williams who played his first program since 2005 last sunday, will get the start on right tackle. the person that will have to catch amnesia this week is jason campbell. with two new tackles, it will be the toughest challenge of the season. he was sacked five times last week after chris samuels left the game. he endured this season. for the redskins to be able to throw it down field as well as run it like they want to, they will have to do it quick. and jason campbell will have to put all his trust in something unthat proven. >> that's one of the keys. last week he was distracted. he was always wondering. you cannot wonder if you're going to get protected. it is about keeping the tempo up so he doesn't think about it. he doesn't let his mind wander.
6:54 pm
he doesn't let his mind will do that. push. go on to the next play. he's got a responsibility each play to feel that every single play will be fully protected. breathing in and getting everything. >> jim zorn fully has confidence in jason campbell. that's like when you're at camp and you have the trust circle and you have to close your eyes. but they go running after you banging into you. >> moving along. to college basketball. the season is upon us. they couldn't be more ready after a disappointing end to the seas season. a lot of people expected him to
6:55 pm
enter the nba tradraft. here we go. . patrick ewing jr. rehabbing his knee. he is hanging out with his form thatter coach. he could have gone to the naba. free magic providing some scoring. . the coach said this core group should provide leadership to the young he were guys. >> hopefully, we will show the growth. we want to take baby steps. as a program, we have a foundation. each group has to take those baby steps. we're ready to be the core group. >> we're a young team but you we're experienced. most of our guys that play were either freshmen and sophomore. we're back and ready. >> this year i'm a little more
6:56 pm
prepared. i know, what i have to do these next couple weeks before the season starts. the first game, be prepared. i think that the preparation that i know of now will help me in what i need to do. >> greg monroe. could please a lot of d.c.
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
tonight meet one young woman battling the side effects from the seasonal flu shot. she got the shot seven weeks ago in northern virginia. and find out why metro buses across the area could be unto an hour late for the foreseeable future. and one of the reality shows flixing right here in the district. a couple years ago, a canadian art lover with a very good eye bought a drawing for $19,000. you now it looks like it may be worth millions. it may have been drawn by da vinci. it was catalogued vaguely as german and early 19th century. the drawing slows the young woman whose clothg and hair style would have been fashionable in milan in the late 15th century. the new owner hired an art and per. an infrared analysis showed significant stylistic parallels
6:59 pm
with the portrait that hangs in windsor castle. you it was made by a left-handed artist, as da vinci was known to have been. it is due to go on display next year in sweden. and don't you know, someone is furious that they sold it for $19,000? >> that's it. see you at 11:00.


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